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In 1963, aesthetics took an abrupt sharp downturn. Compare fonts, cars, advertisements, or clothes from before that year and since that year and it's like comparing a thriving civilization with a post-nuclear waste.


In the musical Forever Plaid, a hopeful 50's close harmony band is on its way to its first gig when the entire band is killed in a collision with a busload of teeny-boppers on their way to see the Beatles' debut on The Ed Sullivan Show, which happened in 1963. (Note: a movie version is in the works.) This is such a tragic symbol of what happened to Western culture in that year that I have to wonder if it was deliberate: the tasteful popular culture of the past literally murdered by the horrid "music" and aesthetics we have had to live with ever since.


These images are from the 1923 Harold Lloyd movie Safety Last.


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