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Art Renewal
An impassioned defense of real art - i.e., art that actually looks like something - and an exposé of "modern art", the greatest hoax in history.

Atom-A 50's Style The postwar celebration of progress in science and technology for the betterment of mankind sparked the use of scientific symbols in the decorative arts. Typical examples are often referred to as atomic style.

Retro Radar
At RetroRadar.com, we celebrate a time when virtues were golden and people were the priority. A time when families gathered around the dinner table to talk about their day, when a car was a work of quality craftsmanship, and a trip to the cinema was like an escape to a fantasyland of infinite possibility. But this is no history lesson—it’s the best of what was that still is today.

What Craig's List would have read like a century ago.

What If Mad Men's Don Draper Designed Facebook Ads?

Scifi movie posters from an alternate universe

Chronological snobbery is the logical fallacy that the thinking, art, or science of an earlier time is inherently inferior when compared to that of the present.

The Young Fogey: An Elegy

Dandies of Britain, your country needs you!

Gents protest against 'vulgarity'
"By the end of the Brogue Camp at least some of our capital's citizens will have learned the rudiments of the arts of living graciously."

The last testament of Flashman's creator: How Britain has destroyed itself
"No generation has seen their country so altered, so turned upside down, as children like me born in the 20 years between the two world wars. In our adult lives Britain's entire national spirit, its philosophy, values and standards, have changed beyond belief."

Classical Values
End the Culture War By Restoring Classical Values

The Gentleman's Page: A Practical Guide for the 19th Century American Man


The Sheridan Club
A virtual club of the sort Englishmen used to belong to in a more civilized era. Come here for witty Edwardian conversation.

The London Lounge
"The gentlemen members of the London Lounge agree to defend, preserve and perpetuate the cultural heritage embodied in the sartorial arts for future generations."

Fedora Lounge

The Old House Web
Community for old house enthusiasts

The 20-2-40-Style-Syndicate
Community of interests in '20s to '40s common-culture, music and fashion


Non-Conformists Union
"We stand as one - non-conformists unite!"


The New Victorians: They Fall in Love, Dear Reader, Buy Strollers, Hire Cooks—Heath, Michelle, Liv, Nicole Join Prissy New Bourgeoisie!
I think the author is overreacting to the sight of responsible adults under 40, but it's an encouraging sign of retro revival nonetheless.

Wikipedia article about Neo-Victorians

Inventing the Victorians

The Wealth Report: The New Victorians

The "New Victorians"
"These are the "New Victorians." They don't wear corsets or submit to confinement while pregnant, but they've turned against the sexual revolution, yearning for tradition in their lives. They're getting married and having babies and, unlike their parents, putting away childish things at an early age."

The 19th Century Online



One of the very few TV channels currently airing anything worthwhile. Please urge your cable provider to carry it!

Gerald McBoing Boing
Delightful 50's-era cartoon.

Modern Times
"These pages are maintained for proper fans of Hollywood’s Golden era, and the great Classic Films. The Palace has been in existence since 1995, and is one of the most frequented places of its kind on the Web."

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