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Click here to visit Sense and Sensibility Patterns.
Winsome clothing patterns with an old-fashioned appeal.


1950's style clothing. Includes several plus size garments.

Cattle Kate
This is your source for mutton-chop sleeves and bustle skirts.

Repro Depot Fabrics
Retro fabrics.

RE-MIX VINTAGE SHOES are authentically styled reproductions of popular vintage shoes from the 1940's to the 60's: Vintage, Swing dance and Rock-a-billy favorites such as 40's wedgies, sexy 40's "Pin-up girl" high heel platforms and "babydoll" round toe pumps, saddle shoes, wood platform stilettos and more... For men: White bucks, two-tone wingtip spectators, Blue suede shoes and penney loafers in several colors....

Texas Jack's
"Texas Jack's Wild West Outfitter carries a very large inventory of Old West clothing, Western wear, Frontier clothing, Victorian clothing and old west mercantile from Wahmaker, Scully, C.O.W.S., Frontier Classics and clothing items manufactured with Texas Jack's private label."

Gentleman's Emporium
"Authentic clothing, traditional calligraphy supplies, and good old fashioned service."

"The leading designers and quality suppliers of Victorian, Edwardian, Civil War, and Old West Styling for Women!"

The J. Peterman Company
"People want things that are hard to find. Things that have romance, but a factual romance, about them."

Victorian Trading Company

Amazon Dry Goods
"Everything for true Victorian living for you, your family and guests, your home and garden- all in four fascinating catalogs!"


More can be found at my stocking page.


"There are certain historical personages who were active in furthering the causes of Chappism when it was still considered too radical a movement to openly ally oneself with. Those were the dark days of McCartneyism, when long-hairs and drug-addicted rock musicians persecuted those in possession of elegant clothes or trim moustaches. The Committee for the Investigation of Unbeatnik Activities drew up an extensive list, known as the 'Uncool List', of high-profile actors, musicians and artists. Anybody who enjoyed wearing well-pressed trousers, smoking a pipe and drinking Earl Grey tea, instead of snorting marijuana and fouling their flared trousers, was added to the list.
McCartneyism spread like a nasty virus throughout every branch of the arts, and it is fair to say that these industries suffered as a result."
-The Chap Manifesto

Modern Drunkard Magazine
Written in the tone of men's magazines back when there was such a thing, with illustrations to match.

Classics Illustrated Junior
"A 50th Anniversary celebration of the original Classics Illustrated Junior comic series, and will reintroduce Albert Kanter's dream of providing meaningful, intelligent literature to today's young readers to invoke hope, imagination, values and the ability to distinguish between right and wrong."

Atomic Ranch
50's-style home decor.

Dry Goods & Sundries

The Vermont Country Store
All sorts of old-fashioned things here.

Dr. Grordbort's Infallible Aether Oscillators

Where to buy White Tennis Balls
International Tennis Hall of Fame

The Retrovert
"Here at the Retrovert you'll find a large collection of vintage graphics that have been carefully restored and applied to new products like t-shirts, sweatshirts, posters, greeting cards, postcards, and coffee mugs."

American Postcard Art
Where vintage postcards become fine art.